"Showgirls" with orchestral accompaniment

Chattanooga Symphony to accompany screening of “Showgirls”

"Showgirls" with orchestral accompaniment
“Showgirls” with orchestral accompaniment

As part of the second annual Chattanooga International Film Music Festival this weekend, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera will provide a live accompaniment to a special screening of the modern classic 1995 film Showgirls.

The award-winning* film was directed by the acclaimed Dutch director Paul Verhoeven and has been praised by film critics including Jonathan Rosenbaum and Jim Hoberman, grossing over $100 million from combined box office and home video revenues.

“Sure, we’ve all seen and enjoyed Showgirls many times at home, and it’s even a Thanksgiving tradition with my family,” said Chattanooga Symphony publicist Cristal Malone. “But to experience seeing it on a big screen, with a full symphony orchestra providing a live score, that’s something really special and rare.”

“When Nomi gives Zack a lap dance at Cheetah’s, the swell of the orchestra really makes that scene come alive,” said Malone.

“It’s a major achievement in film, made better with a live orchestra,” said Malone. “This screening and performance at the Tivoli Theatre will have it all – music, singing, dancing. And most importantly, tits.”

* Seven 1995 Golden Raspberry Awards

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