Trump names The Brian Joyce as his favorite Twitter account

After viewing a series of shitty posts towards peers by a local Chattanooga radio personality, President Donald Trump announced he has named The Brian Joyce his favorite twitter account.

Experts believe Joyce might secretly be someone’s creepy uncle, complete with skewed political views, but way into Starbucks and massive amounts of kale due to some internal malfunction. This and way overblown narcissism is what many believe brought the account to Trump’s attention.

“The way he blows himself with self-written biographies and use of the word pussy makes me poop tweet even harder at 4:00 in the morning,” explained Trump. “What’s even better is the way he regurgitates the same days old liberal talking points, but in a way that sounds like he came up with them. I don’t even have to look at multiple places to get my material. Truly big league!”

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