Code for America Chattanooga announces successful hack of former Mayor Ron Littlefield’s AOL account.


Earlier today, a spokesman for the Chattanooga 2014 Code for America project announced their first big accomplishment for the year.

The announcement comes just mere weeks after the initial meet up with local coders and government officials alike.

codeforaol“We believe city government transparency reaches far beyond current high level office holders,” explained Chattanooga Code for America spokesman Douglas Toddman aka rogueneo69. “That is why I am proud to announce we have successfully hacked former Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield’s AOL password.”

Mayor Berke tapped the Code for America group in 2013 to help Chattanooga in reaching three of his top goals for the area – safer streets, civic engagement, and uncover greasy shit on the Internet.

“I believe Chattanooga citizens have the right to know what Nigerian Prince money transfers and penis enlargement pills that past and present city Mayors partake in,” said current Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

“We’re excited about the new projects Mayor Berke has brought to the table,” said Toddman.” All I can say is any councilman with a Christian Mingle account, you best watch your ass.”

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