Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball also running for City of Chattanooga Mayor

Since everyone else is, a representative of the New York City Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration ball announced the inanimate object is throwing its name in the hat to become the City of Chattanooga Mayor in 2021. A spokesman says the ball plans to roll on down to the scenic city around 12:01est tonight.

“New Year’s Eve Ball will be fighting for working families while “dropping” the crime rates around the city, get it?”, explained New Year’s Eve ball campaign manager Todd Smith, while trying to social distance away from a large growing group of more mayoral candidate campaign managers.

I may have herpes, but at least I don’t have COVID-19 – by Twisty


As we head into month whatever of the pandemic shit of COVID-19, I am proud to say I have been coronavirus free. “How is this so Twisty?” Well, as I don’t require a condom, I do require a mask.

You see, doctors have been tellin us to keep 6ft away from each other to keep the coronavirus at bay. If you’ve lived in Chattanooga in the last few years, you’ll know some private information about myself has been posted around the city. “Twisty got herpes” is one of gigcities most popular tags, along with “CARTA” and “trump69”. So with this type of reputation, it’s easy to social distance!

I do think Dr Fauci should look into distributing herpes instead of a vaccine since it appears to keep the covid away. Herpes is here now, while a vaccine is months or ever years away!

So next time you see “Twisty has…” spray painted under a bridge or on a trash can somewhere, you can rest assure it’s not COVID-19.

Coffee News to pick up publishing Right2Know after TFP drops it

After the Chattanooga Times Free Press announced it would stop publishing mugshots on its Right2Know website, a representative from local publication Coffee News announced they will take over issuing the popular series beginning with next week’s issue.

Experts believe the inclusion of the Right2Know service will be a meat and three restaurant waiting area patrons one-stop-shop for farmers market locations, Buddhist monk quotes, and names of those arrested for domestic assault.

“We are making a few tweaks to the service to make it more reader-friendly,” explained Coffee News writer Rusty Erics. “We will change the “2” to spell out “to” and include the astrological sign of each arrestee.”

Rhonda Thurman ceremonially shaves opponent’s head after election win


After being re-elected to represent District 1 on the Hamilton County school board, Rhonda Thurman ceremonially shaved the head of her opponent, Stephen Vickers, to mark the victory.

In a hidden chamber accessible from the school board meeting room through a secret passageway, Thurman first kneeled on the tiled floor wearing a large black robe and a tall and wide-brimmed hat that obscured her face.

With slow, methodical movements, she poured water from a silver pitcher into an ornamental silver bowl resembling a clam shell, moistening a washcloth before wiping the face of Vickers, who had disrobed and kneeled solemnly.

Thurman used scissors to cut away Vickers’ light brown hair before cleanly shaving his scalp with a set of antique manually operated hair clippers; she held his freshly bald head in the palm of her hand, thus signalling the end of the ritual that the Hamilton County school board has held every election season for centuries.

The owner of a beauty salon, Thurman was a center of controversy in April regarding comments about opening small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To further celebrate her victory, Thurman offered free “bowl cut” haircuts at her beauty salon.

“Moe Moe Moe! How do you like it, how do you like it?” sang Thurman, as she quickly snipped her scissors, making willing men and women resemble Moe Howard from the Three Stooges.

“B.Y.O.B. y’all!” said Thurman. “Bring your own bowl!”

Satan announces SFEST after JFEST is officially canceled

Just hours after concert organizers announced the yearly Christian music festival JFEST was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dark Lord and ruler of Hell Satan announced plans to replace the gathering with his very own SFEST.

Experts believe the announcement comes after a multi-century battle of good vs evil.

“While Jehovah’s plans have been foiled once again, the ground will open and the gates of hell will rise upon the Tennessee Riverpark and SFEST will reign supreme,” explained Satan, while releasing a belly laugh full of fire and brimstone. “The fires of Hell are just hot enough to burn away the Coronavirus, and be sure to purchase a keepsake SFEST pentagram koozie from one of my demons in the merch tent.”

City Council schedules 143 Zoom meetings to hear citizens’ police concerns

After a marathon 7-hour City Council meeting on Zoom, including statements from over 250 citizens, the City Council scheduled an additional 143 7-hour Zoom meetings in order to hear all of the concerns from citizens regarding the police budget, after 10 days of protests and marches in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

“We’ve got thousands more statements to listen to, and we’ll listen to them all, by gum,” said one councilperson. “We’ve got a case of Diet Coke. We’ve got packs of NoDoz. We’ve even got those eye clamp things to force our eyes to stay open, like in the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange.'”

“We do want to suggest that people talk as fast as they can, and if possible, take speed-talking or auctioneer classes on the web,” said the councilperson.

“Also, try to be economical with your words,” said the councilperson. “Like, instead of saying, ‘police brutality is a motherfucker,’ you could simply say, ‘police brutality is a fucker,’ and save yourself two syllables.”

LOCAL FREEDOM FIGHTER: This lady only angry reacts to every Andy Berke video broadcast

While many people across the country are taking to the streets protesting state and city-mandated stay at home orders, Chattanooga woman Sally Thanderfield is doing her part by only providing an “angry” reaction to every video post that Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke has made.

Many residents have criticized the Mayor for what they believe are infringements on their constitutional rights by not allowing them to gather in large places and lick public doorknobs.

We spoke with Sally Thanderfield, who internet freedom activists are calling a hero for her willingness and preparedness to always send red angry face reactions whenever Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke is providing an update to constituents via social media video.

“He is saying my salon cannot reopen when he probably knows damn well my perm has gone to hell,” explained Mrs. Thanderfield, while shuffling a mask around her face. “My truck is out of gas and I was told I can get the corona from gas pumps, so take my angry reaction Mayor Andy Buttke!”

Editorial: I have COVID-19 and I’m JACKED for the Chattanooga freedom rally


If you’re like me and love freedom, you’re probably getting sick and tired of having to stay home and doing your reps in your shitty one-car garage. It seems like only yesterday I was in the gym getting swole with my bros. This is probably where I got this so-called “COVID-19”.

My bro, who I will call J-Dawg for privacy purposes, was complaining of some fever and shortness of breath bullshit. We all know Jake isn’t a wuss, so he hit the garage gym anyway. Because we are all fuckin’ jacked and ripped, we like to lift with our mouths. Now we usually wipe down the bars in between turns, but a bunch of fuckin’ Karens bought up all the wipes at the Food City so the blood, sweat, urine, and saliva had to remain.

A week later, I’m sitting here on my lift seat, typing this out with a fever, and I can’t taste a damn thing in this protein shake. It’s bullshit. A fellow bro told me I should get tested for this coronavirus or whatever so I drove my sweet ass 2009 Mustang Convertable thru a drive thru testing place. Some doctor stuck a long ass qtip in my nose then called me later and told me I was sick. I told them of course I’m fuckin siccckk, but they said I have the coronavirus or ‘rona if you’re cool and i should stay home or some bullshit.

All this time in isolation without being able to hit up Planet Fitness, Buds, GNC, Disney World, the former Electric Cowboy to pay my respects, and Hamilton Skate Place made me realize the government is holding us down. What can only be called a miracle, I heard there was a rally happening today to protest the government’s tyrannical ways. I may feel like shit, but you bet my swole ass ill be there.

Now I keep hearing things about flattening the curve. The only curve being flattened is my biceps from not lifting. The government WILL NOT take this away from me. I will be at this protest. I WILL demand my rep to allow me to rep.

To all my brothers and sisters in freedom. I’ll see you out there. I won’t need a mask because it hurts to breathe and the only gloves i’ll be wearing are the fingerless ones when I’m lifting 900 pounds over my head.

Keep lifting for freedom,


Everyday heroes: adult bookstore donates 1,000 gimp masks to local hospitals


A Chattanooga adult bookstore has responded to the issue of limited supplies of face masks for medical personnel and caretakers, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, by donating 1,000 gimp masks to hospitals.

“It warms my heart to see such an outpouring of kindness and generosity during this challenging time,” said local bondage enthusiast Ashley Umswig. “And these are high-quality gimp masks, too, made of genuine full-grain black leather.”

This donation comes at a time when local residents have volunteered to create homemade masks for medical professionals, in preparation for possible shortages.

Medical experts do not recommend using ball-gags for protection against communicable diseases such as COVID-19, because they do not provide adequate coverage.

Experts warn: cheaper-than-milk gas is no substitute for milk


With the price of gasoline dropping well below $2 a gallon in Chattanooga, making it less expensive than milk, experts are reminding residents that gas is not an acceptable substitute for milk.

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, residents are seeing local grocery stores sell out of staples and necessities like milk, bread, and toilet paper, sometimes forcing them to substitute items or be resourceful.

“If you’re out of milk, it might be tempting to fill your breakfast cereal bowl with some unleaded gas instead, since it’s now cheaper than milk,” said local petroleum and dairy expert Kim Attnius. “My expert advice to you is to strongly recommend against it.”

“Also, sandpaper is not a good substitute for toilet paper,” said Attnius. “I’m not an expert on toilet paper, so I had to learn this the hard way.”

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