January 2024

Chattanooga Bystander’s 2023 in Review


March: Lipstick-wearing Bugs Bunny arrested for defying TN drag show ban

Bugs Bunny in drag

April: Hero Kid Rock shoots aggressive Bud Light cans in self-defense

Kid Rock shooting cans of Bud Light

May: TN House Republicans introduce megaphone ban after Covenant Shooting

District 52 Tenn. Rep. Justin Jones with megaphone

June: Crypto influencer Gary Vee says “Shitty NFT scribbles are the future of finance” 
Grown man introduces childish hen-scratched cartoon characters with a straight face, such as Grifter Grizzly Bear, Ponzi Panda, Speculative Bubble Bumblebee, and Pump-N-Dump Penguin.

"VeeFriends" NFT and Gary Vaynerchuk (inset)

September:  Local school admins completely baffled by wave of teachers quitting their low-paying, soul-crushing, glorified-babysitting job

Teacher contemplating her life's mistakes including becoming a teacher

October: Rep. Fleischmann almost becomes new House Speaker and when we say “almost” we mean “not even close”

Text messages from Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to Donald Trump

Mayor Kelly seen filling potholes before midnight NYE to boost 2023 number

According to eyewitnesses, Mayor Tim Kelly was seen at various locations just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, frantically filling potholes in what appears to be an attempt to boost the number of potholes filled in 2023 in Chattanooga.

Kelly reportedly was wearing a long, black cape with a piece of felt cut out to resemble a shovel, sewn to it, and dragging a large sack of steaming asphalt, scampering about like a nocturnal creature in the final, shadowy hour of the year.

Witnesses said they could hear him mumbling to himself phrases such as, “Got to reach 20,000,” “You can do it, Timmy Boy,” and “I am the Prince of Potholes.”