October 2021

Startup Week event on fundraising to meet on top of TVFCU with a plasma cutter and rope at 3AM

During this year’s CHA Startup Week, attendees of a class on “how to raise capital for your Startup” were instructed to meet at 3:00 AM on the top of the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union building with a steel piercing plasma cutter and repelling rope with further instructions to be given using a burner cellular telephone.

Attendees of the event were seen earlier in the day chugging local organically sourced coffee while trying on an assortment of handcrafted ski masks before attending a rave or something just hours before the 3AM start time.

“The best mantra I use to get other founders pumped is to imagine the thrill of seeing your recently acquired money fly out of duffle bags, big movie style, while you speed away in a late-night getaway car, like a metaphor for how much money your startup will burn before it ends in a fiery crash,” explained BNKRBR CEO/Co-founder/President/Vice President Terry Moore. “The hustle is real.”