Mike's Golf Shop ad

“We Buy Golf Clubs” ad to be featured during Super Bowl

Mike's Golf Shop ad
Mike’s Golf Shop ad

The world-famous advertisement for Mike’s Golf Shop in Chattanooga, featuring proprietor Mike Mixson’s clear declaration of “We buy golf clubs,” is slated to be featured during this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast.

The ad rose to prominence last autumn, when it was featured on CBS Sports, Forbes, MSN, AdWeek and many other media outlets, and it was praised for its economy of words and persistent, memorable message.

While the original advertisement was 41 seconds long, Mixson filmed a new, extended version of the ad for the Super Bowl broadcast, clocking in at 60 seconds and allowing Mixson to say “We buy golf clubs” an additional seven times.

The rate for commercial advertising during this year’s Super Bowl is approximately $4 million for a 30-second ad.

Mixson’s ad is considered to be a front-runner for Clio and Cannes Lions awards, which recognize excellence in the advertising field, and one advertising industry analyst is quoted as saying, “I haven’t seen an ad so vibrant and alive since those ‘Head On – apply directly to the forehead’ ads.”

Film critics have also applauded Mixson’s hand-held, minimalist cinematography for its artistic qualities and naturalistic film-making style, clearly influenced by the French New Wave and Dogme 95 manifesto.

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