Neutral Milk Hotel

Local Gen Y-ers stop complaining for two hours during Neutral Milk Hotel concert

Neutral Milk Hotel
Neutral Milk Hotel

In an unprecedented occurrence yesterday at the concert venue Track 29, it was reported that all local members of Generation Y – people currently in their teens through the age of 30 – had collectively stopped complaining for two hours, during the performance by the indie-rock band Neutral Milk Hotel.

This evening was enjoyed by local Gen Y-ers unironically, all of whom refrained from slavishly checking Facebook or Twitter updates on their smartphones for the entire concert.

Witnesses on the scene reported that not one utterance of the phrases “This town sucks” or “This is so lame” was heard during the performance, which featured songs from Neutral Milk Hotel’s widely praised album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

Local members of Generation Y – commonly thought of as a generation of whining and entitled praise-junkies and narcissistic attention whores – enjoyed their first experience of true fellowship and honest, heartfelt reverence at the concert.

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