Chattanooga Community Kitchen Announces Partnership with Ruth’s Chris Steak House


In a press release by Chattanooga Community Kitchen spokesmen Kenneth Tillman, it was announced that the areas homeless shelter and food kitchen has formed a partnership with the newly opened high class-dining establishment, Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

ruthchrisfoodkitckenPlans for the partnership include a school bus shuttle from the Community Kitchens Downtown location to the front door of the new Hamilton Place area restaurant. Folding tables and chairs will be mixed among the custom high dollar seating and eating arrangements that currently occupy the fine restaurant. Patrons will also be given the opportunity to obtain a free or reduced price stay at the adjacent Embassy Suites hotel.

“We believe this is a great opportunity for our place of fine dining to give back to our new community”, said Chattanooga Ruth’s Chris Steak House General Manager Theodore Mason. “We hope to see no forthcoming issues with the intermingling of our multi-millionaire and business customers with those who normally call a cardboard box home.”

With the announcement comes an array of new menu items for the restaurant, including: Short-Rib chopped steak, found potato, Parmesan government cheese, and Vanilla Wafers.

“This is great news in the journey to bridge the gap between the very needy and very wealthy in our area”, said Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. “I hope we see other fine establishments, such as downtowns Porters Steakhouse, to follow suit.”

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