Former Cleveland Police Chief Wes Snyder (l) / Spock (r)

Chattacon presents seminar on writing Cleveland Police slash fiction

Former Cleveland Police Chief Wes Snyder (l) / Spock (r)
Former Cleveland Police Chief Wes Snyder (l) / Spock (r)

The local genre fiction convention Chattacon, happening this weekend at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, will present a special seminar about the hot new writing trend: slash fiction involving the Cleveland Police Department, which has been criticized for several sex scandals in the last few years.

The seminar at Chattacon, which brings together fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror, is centered on “slash fiction,” which is unsanctioned fan-written fiction that presents romantic situations between members of the same sex, which originated in the late ’70s with “Kirk/Spock” stories in the Star Trek world.

“There’s no doubt about it. The Cleveland Police Department has had its share of horny bastards,” said Blake Brasson, a writer and co-presenter of the seminar, entitled “Pop Pop with the Po Po: Cleveland Police Slash Fiction.”

“Whether it’s Battlestar Galactica or steampunk or Harry Potter that floats your boat, we’ll give you some tips on injecting your favorite musclebound, defrocked Cleveland Police officers into your favorite fictional universe,” said Brasson.

“When news broke in 2013 that Police Chief Wes Snyder was carrying on an affair with his mistress in a storage unit lovenest, it captured our imaginations and made our hearts race,” said Brasson. “Now, here’s an idea: imagine Snyder having a passionate love affair with Chewbacca in an airlock on the Millennium Falcon, unbeknownst to Han Solo, who secretly has an intense crush on Snyder. Wouldn’t that be an interesting love triangle?”

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