Music community comes together to look at Stratton Tingle’s dreadlocks


SoundCorps, the new Chattanooga-based nonprofit organization created to boost the local music scene and to view Stratton Tingle’s hair style of dreadlocks, held their launch party last night at the new Revelry Room.

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The who’s who among the Chattanooga music community movers and shakers all gathered to rub elbows with a primary objective to stand in awe at the sight of Tingle’s mass of matted hair.

“The primary objective of SoundCorps is to bring the Chattanooga music community together to form one big cohesive unit to look at my dreads,” exclaimed SoundCorps dreadlocks owner/Executive Director.

“I’ve participated in multiple musical projects over the last decade or so,” said local musician Brian Richardson. “I’m glad those years of dedication and practice have allowed me to join other musicians in gazing upon Mr Tingles head of free love flowing dreadlocks.”

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