Tennessee Aquarium Announces Opening of Recycled Seafood Restaurant


In an effort to further advocate Chattanooga’s green movement, Tennessee Aquarium officials announced plans to open a seafood restaurant within the coming months.

After admitting deceased animals were ultimately being tossed into the Tennessee River, Aquarium officials have decided to make use of the dead animals by deep frying and serving them within a 2000 sq. ft. restaurant near the building’s gift shop.

“We know that a majority of visitors have their own favorite animal attraction at the Aquarium,” said Aquarium spokesman Jeffrey Marcus. “We believe the ability to chow down on a past visit’s favorite shark, penguin, and/or stingray in a battered and deep fried state, will be an experience that can’t be passed up.

800px-TennesseeaquariumExperts believe this new form of “green” recycling of food trend will pick up at other popular Chattanooga attractions, such as the Chattanooga Zoo opening a fine dining steak house in the coming months.

“We’re proud to announce that all catches served will be fresh from local sources,” said new head master chef Jerrim Bodling. “Guests can expect tasty local menu items, such as carp from Lake Winnepesaukah and radioactive catfish from our very own river sources.”

Officials hope the idea of a fully recycled menu will entice customers to visit the new seafood restaurant. “We’re going green on the whole shebang,” said Marcus, “right down to the unfiltered infant tainted drinking water sourced from the stream out front.”


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