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Every area CEO without a vehicle after employees begin walking to work


After a Chattanooga startup’s CEO gave his car to a new employee who walked 20 miles to his first shift, a multitude of other area business employees took note and began making long commutes to work in hopes to land their boss’ vehicles. The chain of events caused a shortage of CEOs with a motorized form of transportation

“My 23-mile walk from the other side of Lookout Mountain scored me a low mile 2016 Toyota Highlander,” explained area bank teller Mark Smith. “You would think her salary would allow for the seat cooling upgrade.”

“I’m the Marshall, and I’m fresh out of daily commuters here at Marshall Mize Ford,” exclaimed Marshall Mize Ford owner Marshall Mize. Come see the Marshall as I tag along with my other employees and walk to work.”

Rescued Thai soccer team postpones Lost Sea vacation


After being trapped in a flooded cave for 18 days, the rescued Thai boys’ soccer team announced that they would postpone their planned vacation to the Lost Sea in Sweetwater, Tenn., which is the largest underground lake in the nation.

“We already booked this trip to the Lost Sea months ago, but you know, I think we’re going to hold off on caves and confined water-filled spaces for the time being,” said the soccer team’s coach, who added that they’re also postponing visits to Ruby Falls and the Titanic replica in Pigeon Forge.

EPB urges use of paper porn during Internet outage


Power company and Internet provider EPB asked its customers to use paper porn during a temporary Internet outage earlier today.

“For many of you, we know, based on your Internet browsing history, that online porn is a part of your lives, morning, noon and night,” said EPB representative Kris Sobiscan. “But paper pornography has its own charm that can’t be replicated by mere JPG files or online videos.”

“We’ll get through this temporary Internet interruption together, but just have patience,” said Sobiscan. “Squeeze one off using that old Playboy magazine that you stole from your father…the one with Bo Derek on the cover. The one that got you through some dry spells during college. It’s in a box in your attic.”

“Ladies, grab your Hitachi Magic Wand and give a magazine a try,” said Sobiscan. “You’ve watched ‘Magic Mike’ so many times that you know all the lines by heart, so it’s time to give it a rest.”

“Think of analog porn like the comeback of vinyl records and cassettes, over CDs and streaming music,” said Sobiscan. “In a pinch, the swimsuit section of a Lands’ End catalog will do.”

Royal honeymoon mistakenly booked at King’s Lodge


Amid speculation regarding where newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would spend their honeymoon, it was revealed that in a colossal error, their matrimonial vacation was booked at King’s Lodge in Chattanooga.

According to a spokesperson, the hotel was booked after the royal family’s travel agent read a glowing article in the New York Times about Chattanooga and, in haste, selected King’s Lodge based on its regal-sounding name before looking at reviews on the Trip Advisor website, which featured comments such as “Dirty worst hotel ever” and “Crack and roach infested.”

A cursory amount of research would have also revealed that King’s Lodge was turned into an apartment complex last year.

“Cor blimey! I deserve a bollocking over this cock up, which should have been easy peasy lemon squeezy,” said Basil Portendorfer, the royal family’s travel agent, while cleaning his monocle with a handkerchief. “Maybe I should have tried Lamar’s Motel.”

David Blaine to hold breath for 18 minutes inside chicken processing plant


While in Chattanooga for his June 2 performance at the Tivoli Theatre, street magician and endurance artist David Blaine announced that he would break a world record by holding his breath for 18 minutes while locked inside the downtown chicken processing plant.

Blaine has performed endurance stunts including being encased in a block of ice for over 63 hours, being suspended over the River Thames in a Plexiglas case for 44 days and hanging upside down over Central Park for 60 hours.

“Anyone who has caught a whiff of the intense chicken plant stench on a summer day knows that it can be unbearable, so David Blaine is perhaps facing the riskiest stunt of his entire career,” said Chattanooga resident Randall Menalivis, a longtime fan.

Slaughterhouse weddings take barn-wedding trend to next level


Over the last ten years, there’s been a growing trend to hold weddings in barns with rustic, farm-related decor, and now, local trend-setters have taken the idea to the next level by having weddings in slaughterhouses.

“You can’t get more real than this,” said wedding planner Gracie Nimberlaut. “As real as the love that’s formed by the sacred bond of matrimony.”

“People are getting tired of the same old barn wedding, with wooden barrels, Mason jars, bales of hay and vintage vases with wildflowers,” said Nimberlaut, who prefers the word “abattoir,” another term for slaughterhouse. “I guarantee you that nobody will forget an abattoir wedding.”

One advantage of having an abattoir wedding is the freshness of the meat for the wedding meal.

“It is simply not possible to have fresher meat at your wedding than by having an abattoir wedding,” said Nimberlaut. “This is farm-to-table dining, taken to its absolute extreme.”

After the meal, guests are led to the cutting room, which for an abattoir wedding is used to cut the wedding cake, and then guests are ushered to the kill floor, which becomes the dance floor.

“Instead of the traditional throwing of the bouquet, some brides opt for the non-traditional ‘throwing of the offal,’ which has been a big hit,” said Nimberlaut.

It’s a trend that is beginning to catch on locally, and Nimberlaut contends that abattoirs can be elegant, charming and even fun locations for weddings.

“You can’t spell ‘slaughterhouse’ without ‘laughter,'” said Nimberlaut.

Yodeling Kid, Sweet Potato Pie Guy to have sing-off at local Walmart


In what is being billed as “The Battle of the Singing Walmart Viral Video Stars,” the eleven-year-old “Yodeling Kid” Mason Ramsey and the “Patti Pie Guy” James Wright will have a sing-off Wednesday, May 9, at the Gunbarrel Road Walmart.

Ramsey earned quick fame from a viral video of him singing the Hank Williams song “Lovesick Blues,” complete with yodeling, at a Walmart store, and since the video was shot in March, he has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and the Coachella Festival and signed a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Wright became famous overnight for his glowing video review of Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies which included him singing parts of various Patti LaBelle songs; the video and its follow-up were responsible for the sale of several million dollars worth of pies, which were only available at Walmart.

“Usually, viral videos that involve Walmart are footage of some kind of child abuse or fashion atrocity,” said organizer Grady Hurbington. “We’re thrilled that these two viral videos show Walmart as being a center of musical and culinary culture.”

According to sources, Ramsey and Wright will sing Hank Williams and Patti LaBelle songs that have been adapted to have Walmart-related lyrics, including “Six More Aisles (to the Checkout),” “(Last Night) I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep (on This Inexpensive Bed Made out of Chinese Particle Board),” “(Ridiculously Giant Jar of) Orange Marmalade,” and “(I’m Going to Eat This Entire $5.99 Rotisserie Chicken) On My Own.”

Hipster lanes to be added to MLK Boulevard


The Chattanooga Department of Transportation announced today that eastbound and westbound hipster lanes would be added to a section of East M.L. King Boulevard as part of its repaving project.

“It’s no secret that hipsters have overrun Chattanooga,” said Kelly Dowdeshell, the Chattanooga Department of Transportation’s administrator. “Adding hipster lanes will only improve the traffic flow on East M.L. King, as hipsters go from one craft beer bar to the next.”

Dowdeshell explained that the enforcement of hipster lanes will be aided by cameras, similar to the way some carpool lanes are monitored to ensure that only high-occupancy vehicles are using them.

“It’s not enough to simply ride a bike in these hipster lanes,” said Dowdeshell. “Your bike must be a fixie, a unicycle or one of those old-timey bikes with the giant front wheel.”

“And if you’re riding an old-timey bike, then you must have either a Grizzly Adams beard or a handlebar mustache, sculpted with artisanal mustache wax,” said Dowdeshell. “Minimum two inches long.”

Hipster lanes are also open to hipsters wearing roller skates – quad skates or rollerblades – or even hipsters who choose to walk, as long as they are power-walking, prancercising or wearing ’80s-style neon leggings or skinny jeans that make their legs resemble engorged sausage casings.

“We can’t reveal our dress-code standards for hipster women, because poseurs will totally steal our latest styles,” said Dowdeshell. “But let me give you a hint: think blue-haired manic pixie dreamgirl or Grimes bangs, and you’ll do fine.”

Chattanooga man starting to believe Chattanooga Chuck full of shit

After almost a week of 70 degree plus high temperatures, Chattanooga resident Sylvester Kimble announced he is starting to distrust Groundhog Chattanooga Chucks forecasting abilities. The announcement comes just weeks after Chattanooga Chuck saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.

Experts believe Mr. Kimble may have missed the memo saying that a groundhog cannot accurately predict the weather, especially since Chattanooga Chuck is a groundhog.

“Chattanooga Chuck is fake news and full of shit,” explained Kimble. “From now on I’m gonna wear my cut off jeans and only listen to Paul.”

Local man spends first Valentine’s Day alone since Puss n Boots demolition


Today is a sad day for local Chattanooga man Alan Randall as he spends his first Valentine’s Day alone since the demolition of the Puss n Boots Adult entertainment club.

Randall, who was a frequent visitor to the Adult club, made a yearly tradition of spending every Valentine’s day with a group of ladies he truly believed he shared a connection.

“I would bring my girls Destiny Summer and Vanity Safire chocolates every Valentines, while still making it rain hundreds of dollars on them,” explained a teary-eyed Randalls. “I feel like true love died with that asbestos-filled cockroach-ridden building.”

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