Warm weather encourages kids to play Fortnite outside

On the last weekend before the end of winter break, Chattanooga children were encouraged by the unusually warm, 65-degree weather to go outside and play the video game Fortnite.

“Things were much different, back when I was a kid,” said Chattanooga resident Charlie Randiston, a father of two. “After school, on a bright sunny day, I couldn’t wait to get outside to play. I’d find a nice cozy spot under a tree, pull out my GameBoy and play Tetris until I heard my mom call me in for dinner just before sunset.”

“We’re so blessed by this warm weather, since kids just seemed to be cooped up inside playing Fortnite for the last few months when it was rainy and cold,” said Randiston. “Now we can let kids be kids outside, playing Fortnite on their iPhones.”

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