David Blaine

David Blaine to hold breath for 18 minutes inside chicken processing plant


While in Chattanooga for his June 2 performance at the Tivoli Theatre, street magician and endurance artist David Blaine announced that he would break a world record by holding his breath for 18 minutes while locked inside the downtown chicken processing plant.

Blaine has performed endurance stunts including being encased in a block of ice for over 63 hours, being suspended over the River Thames in a Plexiglas case for 44 days and hanging upside down over Central Park for 60 hours.

“Anyone who has caught a whiff of the intense chicken plant stench on a summer day knows that it can be unbearable, so David Blaine is perhaps facing the riskiest stunt of his entire career,” said Chattanooga resident Randall Menalivis, a longtime fan.

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