Downtown digital billboard to air only Times Free Press digital reports

To appease the massive amount of fans for the new giant digital billboard downtown and the Chattanooga Times Free Press’ digital reporting videos, a representative from Fairway Outdoor Advertising announced plans to merge the two local favorites into one. Soon, commuters traveling on Market Street will be able to stay informed with 600sqft of pure LED digital reporting straight from the TFP.

“We have our finger on the pulse of what is popular with the Chattanooga market,” explained Fairway Outdoor Spokesman Brandon Snipes. “What our fingers tell us that people love giant blinding digital billboards and endless heartfelt digital news reporting.”

Sources believe a portal may form when inevitably a live report about the new billboard airs on the web and the billboard. Experts believe the portal will create a telepathic channel to Harrison Keely, who will mysteriously appear with longer hair overnight.

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