Andy Berke releases Larry Grohn’s grandson’s Algebra homework

After a week of grueling debates between candidates for the 2017 Chattanooga Mayorship, Andy Berke has announced he has uncovered opponent Councilman Larry Grohn’s grandson’s Algebra homework. The revelation comes just days after Grohn released some bullshit he thought was worthwhile against Berke.

Experts believe Councilman Larry Grohn secretly helped his grandson with the homework in question, but are left troubled by a grade of C-.

“As you can clearly see, Councilman Grohn clearly has his mind set on other things since his handwriting is all over this homework,” explained Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, while holding up Algebra homework that was graded as C-. “How can we trust a man who can’t even help his grandson achieve at least an A- to lead our dear city?”


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