Smoke from Chuck Fleischmann burning Melody Shekari signs fills Chattanooga area skies

After months of rigorous campaigning for the U.S. Representative of Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat, incumbent Chuck Fleischmann took out his frustrations of opponent Melody Shekari by gathering up her signs and lighting them ablaze.

Little did he know that his act of rage would turn into an out of control wildfire, which has threatened hundreds of acres of land and turned Chattanooga skies into a smoke-filled haze that smells a little better than it did before.

Experts believe the fires will burn well after a candidate has been elected.

“Debate this!” exclaimed Fleischmann, blindly lighting a Shekari sign on fire, after the wind had blown hair into his eyes. “I’ve burned about 4,000 signs so far, only about 15,000 more to go.”

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