Bella Vita lights appear for local bar’s two-year anniversary


During preparations for the Chattanooga bar and restaurant, The Bitter Alibi’s two-year anniversary celebration, employees were shocked to discover a massive search light had appeared on the third floor of the establishment. After further examination, the spot lights were uncovered to be from the troubled Southside nightclub Bella Vita, whose giant florescent display has not been seen for sometime.

Experts believe the lights were removed from Bella Vita due to multiple complaints of being a nuisance to nearby neighbors. Others believe the lights were taken by bookies demanding past payments for sports bets.

“We heard some sort of ruckus on the third floor,” exclaimed Bitter Alibi owner Mathis Bowers. “We were shocked to find a ginormous spot light, which reeked of Coors Lite and Axe body spray.”

Sources believe the lights should be a sign for the bar to open a fourth floor night spot called the “More Ultra Lounge,” where patrons won’t have to worry about drive by shootings due to the massive number of broken down vehicles in front of the building.

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