Young, aspiring politician pleads for pellet gun related violence to end


After a brutal 24 hours of horrendous events in Chattanooga, which saw misleading social media posts and wounds that required the 45 minute-later care of a small band-aid, one local politician is pleading with the community to stop this new onset of terrible violence.

“While the Chattanooga area has never seen this sort of horrific violence, leaders in our community must come together and pass legislation to make these types of weapons difficult for such heinous criminals to obtain, or at least cut off their supply of CO2.” said the young politician.

Bystanders believe the latest wave of violence was a scuffle between two area gangs: those who have confederate flag vehicle decals and those who don’t.

“When will the violence end? Hashtag Noogastrong,” exclaimed one onlooker.

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