Soddy-Daisy Militia seize Coolidge Park Restrooms

In an effort to protest the somewhat recent removal of the Delta Queen boat and hotel, an anti-government group from Soddy-Daisy has occupied the restrooms in Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park. The movement comes some days after a militia group took control of an Oregon National Wildlife refuge.

militiaThe militia from Soddy-Daisy has been known to follow the teachings of local resident Basil Marceaux, as well as post repetitive memes on local news organization’s Facebook pages.

“We demand the government big wigs return the Delta Queen to it’s rightful place on the shores of Coolidge Park”, exclaimed Militia leader Alvin Bondy. “We’ve got the poopin’ removal part covered, but we are asking for supporters to bring us some more TP and snacks from Clumpies.”

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