Lee University recognized as hotbed for National Karaoke Winners

Lee University, the college located in Cleveland, Tennessee, has made news again for producing another nationally recognized prize winning karaoke singing boy. Jordan Smith, who previously was apart of the famous “Lee Karaoke Singers”, defeated a number of other Karaoke hot shits to win top prize of $100,000 and a brand new Karaoke machine with 6″ LCD screen.

“Ever since I laid eyes on him, I knew he was going places,” said Cleveland area bowling alley Karaoke leeorganizer Jeffrey Bradson. “He used to amaze us with a glorious heart-felt rendition of “Carry of My Wayward Son.”

Lee University has announced plans to offer more karaoke based course offerings. Partnerships were formed with Sing it or Wing it and Buds Sports Bar to scout more talent for classes.

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