Strippers, Pawn Shop owners preparing for ROSSVILLEBLVDx24

Business owners and stripping professionals have been preparing for the yearly ROSSVILLEBLVDx24, a celebration of local businesses and activities located on Rossville Boulevard. Not to be confused with the competing MAINx24, ROSSVILLEBLVDx24 offers a complete greasy family friendly experience, according to Pawn Shop owner Cloudus White.

rossville“ROSSVILLEBLVDx24 shows the fun side of Rossville Boulevard that families never get to truly experience,” explained White. “Parents can bring their children to touch an acne covered ass or make a down payment on a used power drill.”

Food and watered down liquor will be served from a number of boarded up restaurants. Matinee showings of classic adult flicks will be shown at the adult theater, along with a cakewalk and corn hole.

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