Marco Rubio paints giant penis on MLK mural during visit

During¬†today’s campaign stop in Chattanooga, Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio took time from his tour of the city to make a stop by the up-and-coming MLK mural being painted by a group of local artists. While at the site, Mr. Rubio took it upon himself to draw a sizable penis and the words “Rubio 4 Prez”, ruining the work of dozens of talented artists over the last few weeks.¬†rubio

“I was up on a crane finishing a few touch ups on my part of the mural, and all of a sudden I see Mario Rubio waving from the ground below me,” explained local artist Jonathan Levi. “The next thing I know, I’m hit over the head with a blackjack and wake up to see a sizable green penis above me.”

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