Loose hobbit spotted downtown

loosehobbitThe Chattanooga Police Department has urged residents to remain calm after numerous people have reported sightings of a loose hobbit in the downtown area over the last few days.

“Hobbits generally appear to be friendly creatures, around four feet tall with giant, hairy feet, but don’t be deceived,” said Galen Dielecki, hobbit expert and zoologist at the Chattanooga Zoo. “When they are outside their natural habitat and are agitated, they are capable of great feats of strength.”

“It is unusual to see hobbits outside their underground hobbit-holes, so it is quite possible that this one is disoriented or even rabid,” said Dielecki.

Despite the warnings of the Chattanooga Police Department, many photos of residents taken while standing near the loose hobbit have appeared on social media outlets recently.

If the hobbit is spotted, residents are asked to call the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, which has emergency teams on hand, armed with rifles with tranquilizer darts.

Police sketch of loose hobbit (Modified under the CC-BY-SA-2.0 license. Source: flic.kr/p/6RypW4)
Police sketch of loose hobbit (Modified under the CC-BY-SA-2.0 license. Source: flic.kr/p/6RypW4)

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