Screen capture of Chattanooga History Center website in 2012

New museum to document struggle to open Chattanooga History Center


Screen capture of Chattanooga History Center website in 2012
Screen capture of Chattanooga History Center website in 2012
At a press conference yesterday afternoon, it was announced that a new museum would open in Chattanooga next month that would tell the story of the struggle to complete the yet-to-be-opened Chattanooga History Center.

The new museum, called the Chattanooga History Center Center (CHCC), will document the ups and downs of the grueling, long-drawn-out ordeal to finance, build and open the new Chattanooga History Center that has been going on since 2009.

According to the Times Free Press, the updated Chattanooga History Center, located near the Tennessee Aquarium, was slated to open in 2012, but the opening date has been delayed several times and is now unknown, with current efforts seeking an additional $3.2 million in financing, above the initial $10.5 million goal.

“Visitors to the CHCC will be captivated by the tale of a true, modern-day epic struggle of a museum that is making history, literally,” said CHCC spokesperson Allyson Wheadin.

While the Chattanooga History Center has hired the prestigious and costly New York-based Ralph Appelbaum Associates for $1.86 million for exhibits that have yet to be made, the CHCC employed local sources for design and construction, resulting in a museum that was created ahead of schedule and under-budget.

Like the Chattanooga History Center, the CHCC hired actor and former Chattanooga resident Samuel L. Jackson to provide narration for exhibits.

At the entrance of the CHCC, visitors will be greeted by the voice of Jackson saying, “The Chattanooga History Center: when will this motherf-cking museum finally be open?”

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