BREAKING: Hits 96 to become all Polka music station.

Chattanooga’s hit music station: Hits 96 announced their channel would soon become the area’s first all Polka music station.

The format change comes after Bahakel Communication owners decided to expand into new musical territory.

hits96polkaStation mangers plan to kick off the new format by giving away tickets to see multi Grammy winning Polka legend Jimmy Sturr in concert early next year in Vero Beach, Florida.  Listeners will also have the chance to win a free Accordion by outlasting others sitting in a Ford Probe.

“We thoroughly believe our listeners will be delighted with our sudden format change into the wonderful world of Polka,” explained Hits 96 DJ Brad Steiner. “Honestly, I didn’t know polka music existed outside of Weird Al Yankovic.”

Many high Chattanooga officials are not too fond of the new change for the former Tennessee Valley pop music radio giant.

“This is literally the worst thing to happen, ever,” explained Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. “I have plans in the works to banish Steiner and Williams to the depths of a Whitwell hellhole.”

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