Mayor Andy Berke

Mayor Berke upset that Obama stopped “Liking” his Facebook posts

Mayor Andy Berke
Mayor Andy Berke

Eight weeks after President Obama’s trip to Chattanooga to visit the Amazon fulfillment center, Mayor Andy Berke expressed disappointment that Obama has apparently stopped “Liking” his posts on the Facebook social network.

“I don’t understand it,” said Berke, getting choked up while attempting to remain composed. “I thought we really hit it off, during that presidential limo ride together from the airport to the Amazon facility.”

“We had a great conversation. We talked about how crazy and awesome that new Kanye West album is,” said Berke. “Then we chatted about the new season of Arrested Development, and he told me about a bunch of obscure jokes and references on the show that I didn’t get upon first viewing.”

“It blew my mind,” said Berke.

Berke said that soon after the visit, he sent a “Friend” request to Obama on Facebook, which was accepted within minutes.

“For those first few weeks, Barack liked almost everything I posted to Facebook,” said Berke. “Selfies, Grumpy Cat pics, that weird video where they removed all the music from that Miley Cyrus video.”

Berke noticed that Obama gradually began to “Like” fewer and fewer posts, until there was practically no online interaction on Facebook, to his dismay.

“Yesterday I posted a clip from The Big Lebowski that I know Barack loves,” said Berke. “Nothing. I even tagged him in the post.”

“I was thinking that we should try to get Amazon to open up another facility here in Chattanooga, so that Barack can come visit again,” said Berke, with hope.

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