Secret Service Seen Dragging Vice President Joe Biden from Local Gentlemens Club Diamonds and Lace

After arriving a day before President Barack Obama in Chattanooga, Vice President Joe Biden was seen entering Chattanooga’s own Diamonds and Lace show bar in a drunken stupor. It was reported that members of Vice President Biden’s secret service team were seen dragging the intoxicated Vice President out of the night club this morning around 2AM, where he proceeded to urinate on Brainerd Road.

FE_DA_121012BidenSmirk425x283“This place is a big fucking deal, along with the breasts”, exclaimed Biden, while vomiting on his shoes.

While there were no formal plans for Biden to attend President Obama’s speech today at the Amazon Fulfillment Center, he was reported to want to see “what this choo choo hoopla shit was all about.”

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