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So apparently the new “big thing” in C-town is “trucks” that have food in them. First of all, when I think of trucks, I think of Ford 150’s.  These are more like moving vans that have windows chainsawed into em. It would be pretty badass to have some dude slingin’ burgers in the back of a F150. That dude would most def get some of my hard earned ca$h

When coming in contact with these food trucks, ya notice one thing is missing. Where the fuck is the Taco Bell food truck? Come on C-town, ya gotta support the TB. I get it that supporting local business is good for the economy and yadda yadda (Seinfeld), but da masters of the fourth meal gotta represent.

While me and some bros were shootin some a-noon pool late last week at the CBC, we noticed out the window dat a circle of food trucks were up in this bitch. That kinda sucks that this place could have made a great place for sum more parking. Easier access to local faves like da Taco Mac or the R&B to catch a Dave cover band is severely needed. I hope the new mayor fixes this shit ASAP.

In closing, food trucks are a good place to grab a quick bite if you want to eat food out of a fucking truck. It’s gonna be hot up in that bitch, so you’ll probably taste some sweat.


D-Dawg is currently pursuing a degree in business administration at UTC. His father owns a successful law firm.

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